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When I dance I become one with the music and space. Time does not exist. When I dance I can be everything.

Mischa (22)

For me, Dansexpressie means expressing my inner feelings, encountering myself and others in the dance and looking into a mirror. To me it is an elixir of life.

Sabine G. (40)

When I dance, I melt into the music, I become part of it. I lose myself in the dance and enter another dimension/world. My fantasy becomes infinite along with my moves, because there are no fixed rules in Dansexpressie. Everything is possible, even flying.

Lotta (20)

"During my work with Rosi, I experienced liberation and enhancement in my body language: "it makes me dance."
Rosi, in her gentle nature and direction, is someone who gives people space and makes many things possible."

Cord (40)

For me, Dansexpressie means finding myself. What I find can then be brought to the surface through movement, depending on my feelings and needs. What is so special about Dansexpressie and the teacher is that I feel I am in good hands, that is, I feel well instructed and I don`t have to fulfill requirements nor have to follow any rules. I show the world what happens to me the moment I dance, what and how I feel- nothing more, but also nothing less.!!!

Sascha (30)

When I was a child, I would take part in Rosi`s dance course to let off some steam after school. Listening to music and setting it into movement, dancing to stories, moving my body to the music and not according to specific steps. Feeling confident, because there is no wrong and the only thing that matters is that it feels good. Appreciating the little things, such as how the wind blows a leaf in autumn, how the leaf meets another and quietly settles on the ground.

Shirin, 20

Dancing allows and facilitates the search for myself.
Since 2001, I have been dancing Dansexpressie and I feel that this form of dance is a highly suitable way to loosen physical and emotional tension. With few rules, it is an individual process, in which people can open themselves through dance and also let themselves be influenced by different themes. The contemplation after a dance sequence allows me to observe my inner life. Dansexpressie does not only open a gateway to my inner life, but also facilitates the togetherness with other people, something that is shaped by a certain easiness and which brings such multilayered joy.

Marita, 56

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