Rosemarie Anton - Dozentin für Dansexpressie

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rosemarie anton
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79104 freiburg i. br.



Education and Dance Work

Rosemarie Anton studied Social Education at the Catholic College in Freiburg. From 1982 to 1990 she worked with adolescents and adults in different socio-pedagogical fields.

After the birth of her two children, she began her training as a Dansexpressie teacher with Zwaan de Vries and R`douan Baroud (in cooperation with the Hooge School voor de Kunsten/Amsterdam). Since 1989 she has taught children, adolescents and adults in open groups and leads many workshops and continuous dance projects at different schools and institutions (e.g. Ev. State Youth Welfare Office Dresen, Ev. Academy Loccum).

As a contract teacher for Dansexpressie, she trained to become a remedial teacher at the Birkenhof Educational Centre in Hannover (1999-2004) and since 1998 she has taught at the College of Applied Arts and Science (HAWK) in Hildesheim.

She works with many different open dance and theatre groups as a choreographer and has gained stage experience as a dancer in various productions.

After her longstanding voice work with Robert Harvey and Marita Günther (Roy-Hart-Method), voice has become another aspect included into her work with dance.

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